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Face the Current Magazine is a quarterly, health-focused, lifestyle magazine delivering content on travel, culture, music, sports & fitness, and health from inspirational content experts across the globe.

The magazine is designed to give health-motivated, educated, affluent readers who embrace health and sustainability values, powerful, practical tools, techniques, wisdom and inspiration to become their healthiest, happiest, most authentic selves

I am extremely happy to be able to contribute to this global publication.

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“Cold Wild Swimming” – A Growing Movement for Ice Bath Retreats, Issue 28
It seems more and more people across the globe are foregoing immersion in chlorinated public watering holes in favor of rediscovering the pleasures of untamed lakes, rivers, and oceans—even in the depths of winter.

Surging Arctic Ecotourism: Witnessing Polar Bears in their Dwindling Natural Habitat , Issue 27

As ice retreats, polar bears, or Ursus Maritimus, have become synonymous with focusing our collective attention on climate change, but their ability to generate interest in ecotourism may be just as critical.

Exploring Origins & Wisdom of Ancient Sites of Peru & Bolivia, An Expedition with the Resonance Science Foundation, Winter 2019    

Discussions about the history of the Andes tend to emphasize the Incan Empire, but what happens when we delve deeper and farther back in history? What wisdom can we gain from exploring a more ancient past?

The Kimpton Sawyer Hotel, the New Premier Social Destination in the Heart of Downtown Sacramento, Winter 2019   

Sacramento, California, has been changing before our eyes. Nowhere is this change embraced more readily than by the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel, where the areas agricultural heritage is combined with a vibrant cultural presence making it a key contributor in the rebirth of the city.

The Feeling of Home, Reducing Isolation and Segregation for At Risk Populations, Fall 2018

Alicia DeLashmutt used a life changing event to create something that would outlast her, and touch lives that would outlive her. 

Film and Television Composer Adam Lastiwka, Knows the Final Score Has Not Been Written, Fall 2018

Adam Lastiwka is a man of two worlds—he creates one form of art, music, specifically to complement another form of art, film and television.

Ultra Europe Festival 2018, June 2018

ULTRA Music Festival, an annual electronic music event, has had people dancing in picturesque Miami since 1999 and has now blasted across the globe to more than twenty countries.

Wild Music Festival Guide, May 2018    

If you are looking to keep it wild by attending a festival or two this year, here are some suggestions.

The Healing Nature of Art Botanica Goes Beyond Aesthetics, April 2018   

“I have personally experienced nature’s healing power and I feel compelled to bring that energy to others through my art,” explains Kelley Anderson.

Patagonia Launches Action Works, April 2018    

Help is on the way for environmental groups to take action.

prAna Goes 100% Organic on Cotton Apparel, April 2018   

Why this is a big deal for eco-conscious prAna.

VitaJuwel Gem-Water Bottles in Review, April 2018   

We take a look at VitaJuwel Gem-Water Bottles, of Concord, California, who create gemstone vials to hygienically revitalize drinking water. 

Guide to Arizona, February 2018

The old drives the new in welcoming Arizona.

Computes is Bringing Super-computing to the Masses, February 2018

Arizona's 21st century pioneers are disruptive entrepreneurs. 

Natural Care Products, January 2018  

Take a look at the natural care products with industry leader Alaffia, to understand the movement away from chemical-filled cosmetics to plant-based alternatives.

Action Sports, December 2017   
While interest in skateboarding, BMX, and kayaking to name a few activities that will accelerate your heart is still high, growth in the action port industry has slowed in many segments. Can it recover?

Immerse And Revitalize With The Healing Power of Sound Sebastien, November 2017

Today many spiritual entrepreneurs are offering groups or individuals sounds baths, a form of massage or a meditation, with sounds washing over you and running through you.

Strength In Numbers: Peaceful Social Movements Leading to Positive Change, October 2017

Throughout history ordinary people have organized to focus on specific political or social issues. From civil rights and women’s suffrage, to Indian independence and the Arab spring, when many make their voice heard, achieving major shifts in social policy and structures is possible.

Life Expression Through Art, September 2017

Since the earliest times, artists have expressed through their efforts, a deep concern about what is happening around them. Many times the artist’s work is the first to question authority, oppose social ills, injustice, and oppression. 

Have you heard of the Internet of Things? July 2017   

The Internet of Things represents a giant technological shift, and it’s already here!

Can We Wanderlust and Still Crave Roots? July 2017    

The ease with which we can satisfy our wanderlust has changed the way we engage not just with each other but also how we think of ourselves. Are we now citizens of the world? Or do we still have something to return to that we call home?

The Worldwide Slow Movement: Downshift to Connect to Life, June 2017   
Many of us deep down want to move from life in the fast lane to a more satisfying, healthier, more human connected lifestyle. But how?

Connections and Disconnects, June 2017  
With our heightened ability to connect with the global community, I am fascinated to understand why some things are popular in some areas of the world yet overlooked or discounted in others. 

Is Music Playing In Our DNA? May 2017    
For many of us, music is a basic necessity of life. Some believe DNA has a lot to do with that, but others think there is a lot more to it than biology.

Sustainable Tree House Retreats, April 2017   
Read how these eco-friendly havens can get your vacation off the ground!

The Stats on Tats, March 2017
Tattoos can make us feel good, right? But how good?

Chill-out and Re-Energize, March 2017
Finding it hard to relax? Here are some suggestions to help you regain your mojo!

The Yoga Re-Birth, February 2017
Not into your mom's yoga classes? The next generation of yoga classes will get you kicking... or kicked!